EQ Direct with Active Backlash Reducer

Firmware Update available.
Old firmware version does not work with the latest SynScan application and the latest AZGTi firmware.

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qEQ Operation Manual
qEQ Setting Tool
qEQ Setting Tool Manual

qEQ is a EQDIREC-USB-C cable adaptor for SkyWatcher mount, especially for AZ GTi/GTe.
You just need to connect PC and your mount with qEQ. Then microcomputer in qEQ will reduce backlash and your mount should improve its response.

When DEC axis move to opposite direction (marked as ),
response should improve

qEQ is developped mainly for SkyWatcher AZ GTi and AZ GTe mounts.
qEQ use SeeeduinoXiao(R) as a microcomputer.

(New*) Now Setting tool have “Advanced Mode” and you can configure backlash for ClockWise and CounterClockWise independently.

Response Comparison : EQDIRECT vs qEQ

Movie of command and response of AZGTi DEC(ALT) axis. Moving x1.0 (vs sidereal speed) EQDIRECT cable took more than 6 seconds until start responding, but qEQ start respond within 1 second.

How it works?(Concept)

When moving to opposite direction in slow speed, there is a delay time because of backlash. AZGTi has relatively large backlash, around 60 arc-second, and it need more than 5 seconds delay when moving at sidereal speed.

qEQ moves motor very quickly for a very short time, and consume backlash before axis start moving. As a result, axis can respond quickly as if backlash is very small.

How to adjust qEQ for your mount

Backlash was set to 55 arc-seconds as default. AZGTi has backlash around 60 arc-seconds according to our research. To avoid OVER REACTION, set value a little smaller than real backlash, because it may differ by weight around axis and position.

qEQ Setting tool

Documentation of Setting Tool