Mounting bracket for Stepper motor [28BYJ48]

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28BJY-48 is very popular and cheap stepper motor, and used for many micro computer DIY with Arduino, Raspberry-pi. It also often sold with small motor driver board.

I want to make telescope focuser, so I made a metal bracket to fix the motor to other metal parts.

Point 1.
I made holes for PCB spacer for “ドライバー基盤付で購入したときについてくる基盤「”X113647 Stepper Motor Driver Board” which is very common to be sold with.

Point 2.
For generic purpose, I made M5 thread x1, M4 threads x2, and 4mm slot.

Point 3.
I made M4 thread on the same position as some major product, so the third party item may be able to use for this bracket. I can not guarantee, though.

I made some extra, and put on eBay.

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